BOLBOL CAFÉ // Identity, Branding

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The idea for the visual identity of this casual neighborhood restaurant was to distinguish it by
elevating but not alienating it. Conceptually, the identity is a synergy of traditional familiarity,
and contemporary comical eccentricity.

In order to communicate friendliness, the peculiar but engaging character, The Chef, was created.
Simply put, The Chef plays the role of Homer Simpson. He exists as an essential component
in order to invite attention and start conversations.

This somewhat contemporary concept was juxtaposed with more traditional halftone pattern
execution; halftone being representative of time past, and symbolizing confidence in tradition.
Thought was applied to the take-out/sit-in menu, by crafting it to resemble an old newsletter,
and printing it on idea appropriate Newsprint.


1. Logo


2. Business card


3. T-shirt design


4. Menu // take out, sit in


5. Menu // detail


6. Web

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