10. SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL // Identity,Branding, Promotional

It started modestly with a pre-established red color that was later layered with versatile and conceptual
illustration of festival lights / photography flashes. The identity grew more complex as the message
and communication channels advanced. Each program assumed its own identity under the umbrella
of a main visual identity. Other elements were carefully implemented to help communicate the unique
messages of each individual section of the festival.

In the end, it all bonded in a visually cohesive unity.


1. Poster


2. Billboards // festival, regional, children’s


3. Newspaper ads // children’s, regional, panorama documentary

4 colors, A3 format on Newsprint


4. Catalog of feature films

In order to follow main concept as well as make book more visually accessible,
each program chapter was given slight layout modification.

1 color, 150 pages, English, Bosnian


5. Promotional post cards // open air, children’s, regional

4 colors, English, Bosnian

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