ERSATZ MAGAZINE // Conceptual Work

found & custom illustration & photography, 4 colors on acetate / velum / uncoated paper

This experimental magazine is a more of a postmodern artwork than a functional item. It is a piecetha
has no preexisting reference in reality other than in the imagination itself. The magazine concept is based
on imaginary system of perception. It breaks down predictable publication clichés, in order to bring them
up to the level of unfamiliar randomness. It challenges perception, language, and the system
of foreseeable continuity, as we know it. It is not real, because it precedes reality. Thus, it is hyper real.

Not for commercial use. It exists only for personal amusement.


1. Cover


2. Table of contents


3. Editorial page


4. Sample spread 1 // artwork, final execution with copy layer


5. Sample spread 1 // detail


6. Sample spread 2 // artwork, final execution with copy layer


7. Sample spread 2 // detail


8. Volume #2 & #3 // covers

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